Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Almost too late – or – dropping balls all over the place

It’s really difficult to do three jobs at once, but that’s what I’m attempting to do currently. I have my day gig (designing – including the cover of a new book by a cardinal!), my musical pursuits, and of course a book to launch. Basically, they’re all full-time jobs, so you can imagine what I’m going through. Lately, I wake up in the middle of the night and need to pull out a pencil to add to my lengthy to-do list if I’m ever going to get back to sleep. I’m deathly afraid I’m going to completely forget something. That’s led to the creation of spreadsheets for spreadsheets at this point!

Fortunately with a book launch, I’ve been around this block a few times before, so keeping on top of things is more about time-management and organization than anything. Did I mention that my publisher just assigned me to a new publicist, the third I’ve worked with? Fortunately, Jim seems keen and with it, so it’s hopefully just a matter of bringing him up to speed and then keeping in touch with him.

I’ve got a fair number of signings organized, but organization is the key here. There’s nothing worse than driving a good distance to a bookstore only to find out that they’ve dropped the ball and had no idea you were coming, ordered no books, and seem pissed off to even see you (probably embarrassment kicking in). That’s happened to me twice, once at the end of a 3.5-hour drive. Note to any author traveling: always check in at least 3 weeks before a signing to make sure you haven’t fallen off their radar. The larger the store, the easier this is to happen. Also, take printouts of all emails exchanged and keep a log of all phone contacts. Trust me. It can help.

Launches are another matter. Most people have a small gathering at a bookstore where a bit of cheese is eaten, glasses of wine quaffed (I love that word!) and some books purchased and signed. After an hour, it’s all over, and for the author it can be sort of depressing, considering the work that’s gone into just writing the book, and for the publisher who was hoping to get some attention.

I must admit that is a lot easier than what I’m doing, but dammit, it’s been 4 years since I’ve had a full-length novel out and bringing this one to fruition has been a bigger job than usual. I want to celebrate!

But boy, is it a lot of work to organize (and expensive)! In another display of blatant self-promotion, I’m including the Official Invite with this post. Consider yourselves invited yet again.

Oh darn. A design client wants some changes. Gotta run. And oh my God, I haven’t even touched my trumpet yet today! And then there’s my ongoing website updates. And the Facebook event announcement! And…

Ah, the writing life, locking oneself in a cabin in the woods, communing with one’s inner muse. Eventually producing a manuscript, then sitting back and waiting for the interview requests, the festivals to come calling, the TV producers wanting you.

It ain’t like that, folks!

[Sorry I was late posting today. Hopefully, you sort of understand why at this point.]


Charlotte Hinger said...

Rick, I commented on botched signings before. It's someone comforting to find out someone else came upon the cranky bookseller.

Royaljat said...
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