Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A look back and a look ahead

Boy, with a new year starting up, I’m again staring at a blank Type M for Murder file – this time for 2013. A blank (virtual) page is always an intimidating thing, but like many things in January, it is something that has to be faced down. It’s either that, or go back to bed and pull the covers over one’s head, something that can often be quite enticing.

Thinking back as one often does in these situations, I’d like to share some interesting facts about Type M. The “mother” our little blog was Vicki Delany. Being skilled with a computer, she also set up the design we now have, and basically did all of the heavy lifting that got us off the ground. That’s something deserving of a big thank you.

Our first post was hers back on the 26th of June in 2006. That’s pretty startling in itself. This post is number 1650 and I’m responsible for roughly one sixth of those (since we have never really had bloggers to cover all seven days of the week. That’s 275 postings. No wonder I sometimes experience trouble coming up with a subject. (I just checked out my first post and I was already “pointing out” something that I felt needed fixing.)

I’d have to go through the entire list of posts to be able to tell you how many bloggers we’ve had, both as members and as guests, but I suspect the number would be well north of 75. By the way, originally, the lineup of five were all members of Crime Writers of Canada with four Canucks (Vicki Delany, Alex Brett, Michael Blair and me) and “token American” Charles Benoit. Obviously, we’ve expanded our world vision along the way.

Some more interesting factoids:
  • All time page views: 164,952
  • Most-read post: Amanda Knox Case: Truth Stranger Than Fiction, a guest blog
  • My post from June on cruise ships being great places to commit murder is the third place winner for page views, leading me to wonder if there’s been an uptick in homicides on the high seas.
  • The bulk of our readers are in the US (78905) with Canada second (18436) and surprisingly Russia in fourth place (6834), but we’ve had visits from virtually the entire planet.
  • Most visitors use Internet Explorer (62837) or Firefox (53539) and are on Windows (111722).
  • Our biggest source of visitors is Diffbot (2931), but second is Donis Casey (1212). Thanks, Donis! (Who will be rejoining Type M in less than a month.)
Please spread the word about Type M. We are still a vibrant, growing community here and welcome comments and lively discussions. Get involved in the discussion.


Vicki Delany said...

So proud, sniff sniff.

Rick Blechta said...

You should be! Look what you done created.

And released onto an unsuspecting planet...

Charlotte Hinger said...

So, I want to know what Donis doing? Share, Donis. That's wonderful. And we all owe Vicki a big round of applause.

j welling said...

Congrats ! Great site.

Oh - and about the High Seas : nothing like close confinement with your fellow humans to make you think homicide is a good option.

Rats in a cage first breed rage.

Turns out, humans don't like each other very much : a fortunate fact for those in the business of murder.