Friday, March 08, 2013

Tra la – Tales from a Happy Blogger

There has been a lively discussion on my publisher's newsgroup about the merits of blogging. Some of us are happy to blog. For others it's like slogging through molasses. I'm one of the former. I'm glad to blog and ecstatic when other people find my posts worthwhile.

As to the worth of blogs for peddling books – I absolutely track down books when an author’s posts intrigue me. I feel like I'm becoming acquainted with the Poisoned Pen Press authors who blog regularly. I look forward to meeting them at conventions. Through my Type M blogmates, I'm eager to attend Bloody Words sometime.
To me blogs are an opportunity to attract new readers. However, one of the biggest benefits of blogging  especially with my Type M friends  is that I no longer feel alone and incredibly stupid in my slog through the frustrating business side of marketing. It helps to know how others cope with disappointing signings.
I've learned how to be a better panelist and how to have a better experience at writer's conferences. I've learned better research techniques and the importance of getting fans names and emails down on paper.
Since I always have a nagging sense that practically everyone knows more than I do, I appreciate the advice given in posts and the sharing of personal opinions and experiences. They have sharpened my professional approach. I have a more relaxed attitude to disappointing signings.
Thanks to Vicki Delany, I now know I have to contact bookstores far in advance. Most valuable of all has been the stunning revelation that others have a really, really hard time coming up with a synopsis or outline because we are “pantsers” instead of plotters.

My favorite Type M post was a wild card. Rick Blechta sent a link to a flashmob video where a street gathering ended up with a full symphony performance of Ode to Joy. Blogs can be anything from rants to the very personal sharing of life experiences. It's up to the writer.

I find that I'm more inclined to read shorter posts. How about it readers? I would like to have feedback on the blogs you like best, and why.

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