Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The writing of this novel has been temporarily interrupted…by life

Yesterday, I was spending a very productive day working on the new novel, and I wasn’t even throwing out much! Huzzah!

Late in the afternoon, I’d promised my wife that I would get into our water garden to pull up the waterlilies since they needed a good dose of fertilizer. Late afternoon came and I was completely zoned out on the book when Vicki stuck her head into my studio to ask about the pond. “You’d better do it soon because it looks like some heavy weather is coming in from the north.” (There was a “40% chance of showers”, according to the weather dolts.)

As I got into my bathing suit, I checked out the window. Sure enough, a huge, dark-gray mass of clouds was indeed drifting towards us. This looked like a serious storm. My big hope was that we wouldn’t lose power, because I wanted to snarfle down a quick dinner and get back to work. Writing longhand by candle light is a much slower and laborious process, especially when one is left-handed.

But the weather gods had other ideas...

Looks as if someone needs to rescue the rescuers!

I was still in the water garden when the rain hit, sheets of it, Wrath of God-type amounts of water. I shrugged and went on with my job since I was dressed for wet. After I went into the house and got into dry clothes, it was still coming down in buckets. Cats and dogs were now raining down from above.

I went outside to investigate the loud sound of falling water hitting our driveway. I thought it was from the neighbouring (and ill-kept) triplex next to us with which we share the driveway. Wrongo. It was our gutter overflowing. Obviously, something was blocking the downspout. Get changed again, pull out a ladder and climb up to find…a baby elm tree growing in the wire protector at the top of the downspout. Barely able to see through the rain, I yanked the wire thing out, killing the poor defenseless tree that had decided to make its stand on this good earth in a very inconvenient place. Service restored, the downspout delivered its payload to our beleaguered rain barrel which promptly overflowed. What I failed to notice was that the overflow pipe had been moved (by heaven knows who, but when I catch ’em they’re going to be in a world of pain) and was right up against the foundation.

You guessed it, the basement was flooding. (We have a foundation that was made of leftover Swiss cheese, apparently.) Time to get out the shop vac and save the day!

I plugged it in…and the power went off. All we could do then was helplessly watch the damp area grow into puddles, then a continuous rising sheet of water as the heavens remained open and fully operational for another two hours before tapering to a steady downpour.

Power was restored around 9:00 p.m. and I’ll let you guess where we spent the next several hours. We now have a merely soggy basement. The water garden also overflowed, even the rubber liner got lifted by a huge amount of water underneath it with nowhere to go everything in our backyard is so sodden.

Now I’m left with having to somehow figure out where I was yesterday in the book, get everything loaded again into mental RAM and try to pick up where I left off.

And things were going so well…

Next week, I’ll do up the second part of my previous post and show you those terrific covers and provide some appropriate comments and insight. Stay tuned!


Charlotte Hinger said...

Oh, life. Well. Seriously, my sympathy on a flooded basement.

Irene Bennett Brown said...

Your post had me laughing at the same time I sympathized. Think of the material for a future plot (not to mention Type M now)that the storm gave you. Big pennies from heaven!

Rick Blechta said...

The only pennies I'm seeing right now are pennies going out the door to deal with the basement. We've had water down there many times in the past (the back is worse than the front), but at least we invested the money to have the back fixed. The front would be much more expensive and complicated. Anyway, Irene, I'm very pleased that you enjoyed the post.

And if anybody cares to know, I fell so far out of the book, I spent a large part of the day just staring at it with no idea where to go or what to say. Oh well. More rain is expected today.