Monday, July 15, 2013

Winterset In Summer

Which is where I will be in early August; August 9th to 11th, to be precise.

"Winterset In Summer" is an annual Literary Festival held in Eastport Newfoundland, a small coastal community - in Newfoundland parlance, an "outport" - on the island's east coast. It is north and somewhat west of St. John's, the province's capital city. More specifically, Eastport - and six other small communities - is on a peninsula that extends out into Bonavista Bay. The place is rural, of course, and ruggedly beautiful:


And, yes, those are sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean. The water temperature, though, is not compatible with comfortable swimming, even in summer. But people do swim in the ocean, anyway. I did when I was growing up in Newfoundland. But I was younger then, and more robust than I am now.

I have been invited to participate in this this year's Winterset as the author of three Inspector Stride Novels, all of which are, of course, set in Newfoundland.

I will be participating on a panel with two other Canadian mystery writers, Gail Bowen and Giles Blunt. I expect most of Type M's readers are familiar with my two co-panelists. For those who are not, here are brief intros.

Gail Bowen was born in Toronto, and now lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. She has written twelve books in her Joanne Kilbourn series. The first six books in the series have appeared as made-for-TV movies, with a world-wide distribution.


The fourth book in the series, A Colder Kind of Death (1994), won the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel.  In June 2008, Reader’s Digest named Gail Bowen ‘Canada’s Best Mystery Novelist’.

Giles Blunt has written six novels in his acclaimed John Cardinal series. The first John Cardinal novel, Forty Words For Sorrow, won the British Crime Writers Silver Dagger award. The second, The Delicate Storm, won the Crime Writers of Canada Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel, as did his latest Cardinal novel, Until The Night.

      Photo of GB by Peter Peitsch      Until the Night

While we are at the festival, Suzanne and I plan to do some hiking and some sightseeing; assuming there will be time that we can steal from the various scheduled events. And weather permitting also, of course. This is Atlantic Canada, after all, where unpredictable weather is the norm.

One place we do want to visit is the community of Salvage - pronounced Sal-Vage - a short drive from Eastport.


It is a place not to be missed, if at all possible. And beautiful even when the sun is not shining, and the sky is not blue.

One is reminded of Mark Twain's famous observation on the Atlantic weather. Twain was speaking of New England, but his sentiment applies nicely to Newfoundland: "If you don't like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes."

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