Monday, February 17, 2014

Last Post

Yup, this is it, my last post for Type M For Murder. Sorry to have to say that, but it's true.

I actually passed the word around to a group of regular readers to whom I email the Type M link after each of my posts, that my post of two weeks ago would be the last. But Rick Blechta asked me to do one more, and I agreed. So, this is it. A kind of formal farewell, if you will.

It's been a lot of fun, even if sometimes there was some serious head-scratching over what to write about on the day. I always managed to come up with something, as we all do, even if a couple of posts focused on day-to-day stuff in my life. Like my new 2013 Mustang, still working well and swallowing huge quantities of gasoline. One glitch though; the sway bars in the suspension - whatever they might be – went wonky a month ago and needed a repair. Happily done under the warranty; and the inconvenience of leaving the car with the dealer overnight was nicely balanced by their having washed and vacuumed the beast, a real plus in Ottawa's winter climate when by late January automobiles tend to look like something from a polar archeological dig, grey and grubby and caked in salt.

Type M gave me the opportunity to write about a large number of things that interested me, and still do. Psychopaths, serial killers, movies that have entertained me, books I have read, authors I admire, trips I have taken, interesting things and places I have seen and thought about. Along the way I gave recommendations for a couple of good restaurants in New York City that Suzanne and I found, and which we will look forward to visiting again this spring when once more we venture south to the Big Apple.

And why is NYC called the Big Apple, you ask? Apparently it derives from the race courses in and around the city:

In the early 1920s, "apple" was used in reference to the many racing courses in and around New York City. Apple referred to the prizes being awarded for the races – as these were important races, the rewards were substantial.

If you like, you can read more about that here:

Today, you may be interested to read, is packing day once again. We are leaving this vale of snow and cold and heading south, far south, to a place where the sun shines, the sand is copious and dazzling, and the sea is warm. Our destination this time is the island of St. Lucia. A month ago, we had scarcely heard of the place, and we still don't know a lot about it. It was the escape from winter that was the attraction. We will be at an all-inclusive resort, where we might possibly eat and drink to modest excess. But there is also a fitness centre, swimming pools, and of course the beach and the ocean. I bought new, lightweight shoes for late-night dancing. (Okay, so I cannot really dance, but I can move around with modest grace and efficiency.)

For those who enjoy travel info, St. Lucia is one of the "Windward Islands" in the eastern Caribbean, part of the Lesser Antilles, northwest of Barbados. It's a small island, just over 238 square miles, and has a population of about 174,000. It's currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar; when I inquired at my bank if they had any to sell me, the chappie behind the counter blinked and said "What?" So I will be visiting the island armed with U.S. dollars – still the international staple – and my VISA card. The island, btw, is named – by the French – after Saint Lucy of Syracuse. The Brits and the French fought over possession of the island so many times that the place was nicknamed the "Helen of the West Indies". The Brits did eventually, in 1814, take definitive control of the place.

No travel commentary would be complete without some photos, so here you are:


Those two pointy hills you see in the first photo are called "pitons"; the pitons are actually "volcanic plugs", and part of a World Heritage Site. And in the way that people will do such things, the local St. Lucian beer is called "Piton". Well, of course it is.

So, Bon Voyage, everyone. In about 36 hours we will be sitting on the balcony of our room, looking at the blue Caribbean, possibly even sipping a Piton beer. Or something. For sure.


Linda Wiken said...

Enjoy your trip, Tom. I've enjoyed reading your posts! Hopefully another blog will snag you.

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