Friday, February 07, 2014

Our Freaky Winter

I'm leaving for Phoenix this morning. A couple of days ago it was minus 16 degrees here. The weather in AZ is in the 60s and I can't tell you how happy I am to be going to someplace warm.

This freaky weather has everyone on edge. I cringe whenever I see Southern drivers try to cope with icy roads. Retail stores are suffering from lack of customers. Who is thinking spring in these circumstances? Even the arrival of the Olympics can't lift the mood of the county.

Yet, my apartment is warm. I have heat and light. All my trinkets and toys work. I can watch TV when I want to. Email my friends. Read, eat, work.

Can you imagine living in a sod house in this weather? Or a dugout? Actually, those in dugouts were better off. My mind has been on Nicodemus lately. The African Americans who settled this all-black town after the failure of Reconstruction came from Kentucky where game was abundant.

But a great historian who lived there, said the thing that set them reeling was the lack of light. They assumed there would be a place to buy candles. There wasn't. It was 40 miles to a real town. They sat in the dark night after night.

And waited, waited. Waited for spring.

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