Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Something to tickle your funny bone

I’ve got just a ton on my plate today. On the writing front, I’m currently looking over the proofs to Roses for a Diva (and fortunately not finding much) and also planning the launch of The Boom Room (more on that very soon). And then there’s a large number of graphic design commissions to get out to the door. Frank(ie)ly, I’m swamped!

But fear not! I have two great comics to share with you. Both are topical for Type M and both made me laugh out loud (I don’t LOL). I think you’ll enjoy them.

If I come up with a little time later in the day (or flame out on the other work), I’ll update this with what I actually wanted to post today. If not then, you’ll have to wait until next week, sorry to say.

The Poetry Corner

Chicken Line-up

(Special thanks to Randall Munroe (http://xked.com) for allowing me the posting of his “Dickinson” strip.)

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