Monday, June 09, 2014

Bloody Words 2014

By Vicki Delany

What a party!  Bloody Words 2014 was held this past weekend in Toronto and it was just fabulous. The international guest of honour was Michael Jecks, called the Master of the Medieval Mystery. I loved getting to know him and his books.

Most of my friends were there, and I met many new and wonderful authors and readers who I am sure will become friends.

Sadly this was the last Bloody Words because the long-time organizers, Caro Soles and the irrepressible Cheryl Freedman don't want to run it any more. Fair enough. I heard lots of talk from people wanting to start  up a new conference or keep BW going.  I can only say, don't even talk about it unless you begin your first sentence with...

"I will..."

Here are some pictures.

Vicki Delany and Barbara Fradkin at the Orca lunch

Ruth Linka and Rick Blechta at the Orca lunch

Vicki Delany's speech

Michael Jecks, Cheryl Freedman, Vicki Delany

Looking somewhat ridiculous at Books with Legs

What can I say. No one ever called me shy and retiring.

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Rick Blechta said...

Vicki had the absolute BEST dress I've ever seen at one of these gala events. If she'd burst into an opera aria, it wouldn't have been surprising the way she looked.