Monday, September 22, 2014

Scotland says No

This, I'm afraid, is going to be quite a short post. I can't do it at the weekend and today I am absolutely exhausted, having been up all night after spending six hours the day before campaigning for No Thanks.

The referendum the Scottish National Party instigated, proposing that Scotland should separate from the United Kingdom, has made this a horrible and bitterly divided place. Yesterday a carload of Nationalists drove past and yelled, 'F------g b-----d' at me because I wore a No sticker. Two young friends experienced frightening and obscene abuse on a train. There has been a huge amount of this sort of intimidation. This isn't the country I have loved and been proud of all my life.

I was born both Scottish and British, loyal to both. If the Yes campaign had won, I would have been robbed of half of my identity, my currency, my passport and my bank. I would have become a foreigner to my English grandchildren.

Mercifully, No won the day but it doesn't feel like victory. I am too saddened by what the referendum unleashed and I can only pray that the scars will heal with time.

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