Monday, May 11, 2015

Overcommitted Much?

By Vicki Delany

So what do I have on my plate for the rest of this month?

1)   Editors edits for third Lighthouse Library mystery, Reading up a Storm
2)   Copy editors edits for First Christmas Town mystery: Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
3)    Page proofs for second Lighthouse Library mystery, Booked for Trouble
4)    Literary evening to benefit the Price Edward County Library, which I am organizing the authors and entertainment part of. 
5)    Baking for the above (why you might ask? Seemed like a good idea at the time)
6)     Library book signing in another town
7)    Arthur Ellis Gala dinner in Toronto (where I do not live) given by the Crime Writers of Canada
8)    Try and get my blasted garden in before it’s too late.
Then on to June:
1)    Finish Constable Molly Smith #8, Unreasonable Doubt.

Am I complaining? Sorta, but not really. Seems like a lot, but I am actually organized (who knew) and I have a pretty strict work schedule that keeps me on track.

And, most of all. I wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t want to. I love the writing life. Even if the garden has to underperform a bit this year.

And, to prove it, here is a great picture from one of my recent adventures.  

Brenda Chapman, Mary Jane Maffini, Erika Chase, moi 

I drove down to Bethesda Maryland for Malice Domestic with Mary Jane Maffini, Linda Wiken (aka Erika Chase) and Brenda Chapman.  I can not tell you how much fun we had.  We pretty much laughed the entire 
way down and back.

We weren’t laughing too hard the first night when we checked into 1) the wrong hotel in the wrong town and then 2) the right hotel in the wrong town.

But, fortunately all got straightened out and they were able to make room for us in hotel number 2. So we laughed about that.

On the way back from Malice, we stopped at the wonderful Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore in Mechanicsburg PA. They certainly advertised our arrival in big letters!

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