Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fall merry-go-round

In her Monday post, Aline talked about her eager anticipation of September, as a time of new beginnings and endless possibilities. As an Eastern Canadian who didn't get much of a summer this year, I don't share her impatience to see it on its way. I want to cling to every last sun-drenched, fancy-free moment of it. But I have another reason to prolong those last two weeks of summer; my autumn is going to be crazy. Labour Day weekend coincides with the release of my new book, and with it all the signings and tours and blogs and festivals. This year they seem more hectic than usual.

Right now I am at my cottage trying to power through the first draft of the book due out NEXT September, because I know once the fall promotion season starts, I will be hard-pressed to give the next book a moment's thought. As I try to write my novel, however, I find myself committed to writing several blogs. Blogs are creative and fun, and I happily agreed to do each one without thinking that each (including my old regular Type M) takes hours out of my writing time. As it stands at the moment, I still have three more blogs to write, two with deadlines this week.

And then there are the posters, evites, announcements, website updates, and social media posts to promote the fall events. And preparing the talks and readings for each of them.

So with a view to killing two birds with one stone, this blog is going to double as a bit of promotion. The complete list of appearances and events will be on my website once I finish updating it, but here are the highlights. If there is an event that interests you and is within in driving distance, I'd love to see you!

THE TRICKSTER'S LULLABY is due for release in Canada and the UK on September 2 and in the US on September 26. The tag line reads:

A winter camping trip turns deadly as two missing teenagers, a twisted love triangle, and the spectre of radicalism create turmoil in the remote Laurentian wilderness.

Here's what is planned so far:

  • Sept. 1 - 2. Women Killing It! Crime Writers' Festival, Prince Edward County, ON
  • Sept. 16. Halifax Word on the Street, Reading at Halifax Central Library
  • Sept. 21. Aunt Agatha's Mystery Bookstore, Ann Arbor, MN
  • Sept. 22. A Different Drummer Bookstore, Burlington, ON
  • Sept. 23. Toronto Launch, Sleuth of Baker Street, 1 - 3 pm
  • Sept. 24. Toronto Word on the Street, Crime Writers of Canada Booth, 1 - 2 pm
  • Sept. 26. Ottawa Launch, Mother McGintey's Pub, Byward Market, 7 - 9 pm
  • Oct. 2. Ottawa International Writers' Festival, details TBA
  • Oct. 12 - 15, Bouchercon Mystery Conference, Toronto
  • Oct. 20. Renfrew Public Library, Renfrew, ON, 6 pm
  • Oct. 21, Coles in Carlingwood Mall, Ottawa. 11 am - 2 pm
  • Oct. 24. International Festival of Authors, 7 pm, location TBA
In between, I have a couple of book clubs, luncheons, and workshops, all of which should be great fun once I catch my breath. I have not committed to anything major beyond Oct. 24, which coincidentally is a very significant birthday, but I'm sure the time will be filled in! I would not trade all this excitement and adventure for anything, but right now I am encouraging summer to stick around awhile yet. 

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Sybil Johnson said...

That's quite a list of appearances! I hope you have fun and good luck on the new book.