Tuesday, October 09, 2018


by Rick Blechta

Yesterday was Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North, so consequently I woke up this morning at six a.m. with a jolt, realizing that it wasn’t Monday (the holiday always feeling like Sunday to me) but Tuesday. I had no idea what to use as a subject for my weekly offering on Type M!

I also have zero time to come up with something — because of that extra day off — so I’m going to have to resort to my usual fallback of a cartoon offering for this week’s post.

I’ll be back next week with something really juicy — and I have seven days to come up with it!

And if you’re up here in Canada, I hope you enjoyed an especially fine Thanksgiving weekend.


Thomas Kies said...

Love this!

Rick Blechta said...

Actually, it's a pretty good line, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed it.

Konveksi Jas Lab Murah said...

Love it