Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Books as art

by Rick Blechta

Okay, my first serious post of the new year is about books as art.

How many of you have at least one beautiful book in your collection, the kind you’d never part with? My wife and I have many. Some are very old, inherited from my mother and father, others are newer but still beautiful and precious to us.

Recently, I looked into getting a few of the more beaten up ones restored. That led me to the following video showing the art of making beautiful new hardcovers for old books. Believe me, these are works of art on their own.

I’ve looked at this video several times since and find it just fascinating to watch how this old art form is still being practised by master bookbinders. The results are spectacular. I wish we could afford this treatment for two of our books that really are in quite desperate shape. Someday…

If you’re fascinated by books themselves, regardless of what lies between the covers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video. And I guarantee several “Ah-ha!” moments: “So that’s how they do that!”

P.S: And I have more to share if there’s any interest out there!


Sybil Johnson said...

Fascinating!Thanks for sharing.

Rick Blechta said...

You are welcome!