Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's March already??

Barbara here at last, having missed a couple of Mondays (I know, it's Tuesday). I can't believe it's March, and judging from the weather outside, which is -19 C. with a windchill factor around -30, neither does Mother Nature.

February has been an exciting month. Trips to Montreal and Hamilton for readings, and most exciting of all, the Politics and the Pen Gala Dinner, where the who's who of politicians, diplomats, lobbyists and business people gather for a charity dinner at the Chateau Laurier in celebration of writers and the Writers' Trust. There were 500 people there, including 50 invited guest authors, of which I was privileged to be one this year. Normally the Prime Minister attends, but this year Stephen Harper did not. His wife did, along with much of his cabinet and many other MPs. I spent the evening trying to recognize people, had a chance to talk to Irwin Cotler, Silken Laumann, the American Ambassador, who was at my table, and variety of media types and other authors. My first experience at a political schmoozefest, and boy, you could smell the pursuit of power.

Meanwhile on the writing front, the latest Inspector Green novel, Dream Chasers, is in final rewrites and waiting for my police officer consultant to come back from Mexico so he can weed out the police gaffs. The publisher is hard at work on the cover, and that's always an exciting but nail-biting experience. The release date is likely this September.

I'll be taking more own trip to southern shores in a couple of weeks when I head off to Costa Rica for a few days in the Cloud Forest and a few on a Pacific beach. I planned the trip entirely from guide books rather than a pre-packaged tour, so I hope it all works out. I'm going to take lots of good books to read while I lie around in the hammock on the beach, including Vincent Lam's Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures and for light reading (hah!) David Hewson's Sacred Cut. I might also take along a pad of paper in case the writing muse comes to visit. But I may be too busy exploring to give it a single thought.

That's it for now.


Anonymous said...

For a good Costa Rica book, try William Deverell's The Laughing Falcon. Good, because it's a Deverell, and it takes place in Costa Rica.

Charles benoit said...

I second that. It was my first Deverell book and the one I enjoyed the most. Also, you've got to read High Adventure by Donald Westlake.