Friday, July 27, 2007

Late again, and pictures

Vicki, late again. I am supposed to be your Thursday blogger. For some reason, I have an urge to have a martini while I'm composing this narrative. I'll make due with grapefruit juice for now, and then so and sit on the porch with a glass of chilled white wine. As an aside, do you know that although I have been chez Benoit a couple of times, I have never been offered a martini. Hum. I wonder what is the significance of that?

Anyway, moving right along. I am wanting to have a new 'official' picture taken. The one that I'm using now for my publicity and book jackets is about 3 years old, taken when my hair was shorter and a different colour. I thought that my picture should reflect my new life as a traveller and adventurer. So I have been tramping through the woods and up the sides of mountains while my 82-year-old mother follows with the camera. First we had nice pictures of the vast panorama of mountains and sky and a little pink dot standing in the middle waving. That would be me, as I was wearing a pink shirt. Okay, not so good as a publicity picture. Move the camera in a little closer and we have individual trees and rocks against a mountain background, and a generic woman wearing a pink shirt. Closer again, and we have my smiling face against a background of trees.

In my first attempt to add pictures to this blog here we go:

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