Monday, October 22, 2007

Be Prepared

Vicki here.
I missed my regular posting day last week for a very good reason - I was in the hospital.

But, to begin at the beginning. I haven't been feeling well since I left Anchorage. My little dust up on the highway didn't help, no doubt. So on Thursday I went to the walk in clinic. The doctor sent me to the ER. Where they admitted me. I had surgery on Friday. It's Monday now, and I'm back at my daughter's and coming along fine. Good thing, as I'm supposed to be leaving on my book tour on Wednesday.

The moral of the tale is this - always have a good book at the ready. I happened to have a copy of Charles's Noble Lies in my bag when I went to the clinic. It's a great book, fast-paced with plenty of excitement and exotic locales to keep me entertained during the long hours in the hospital. Thanks, Charles

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