Sunday, October 28, 2007

From Colorado

Donis writing, here. This is just a quick post from Denver at the end of my Colorado tour. We'll be heading back toward Arizona tomorrow, and I'm writing this from the hotel's business computer at the end of a long day. The Women Writing the West Conference was quite useful and interesting. After it was finished, I had a signing at a Barnes and Noble in Colorado Springs and an event at the Colfax Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver on Friday night, along with author Mara Purl, which went wonderfully.

I'll get into the details, of which there are many, when I get back to Phoenix next week, but I did want to say that all is well, and note to Vickie that I don't know for sure if the Women Writing the West group includes western Canadians, but I'll find out. If they don't, they ought to.

Denver is a spectacular city, by the way, and anyone who hasn't checked out one of the three Tattered Cover Bookstores should make a point of putting on the itenerary next time he or she is in Colorado.

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