Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Women Writing the West

Oh, Vickie, my dear! I hope you are finally on the mend and feeling better.

Like Vickie, I missed my last posting day as well, but for an infinitely less dramatic reason. I've been in Colorado Springs for the past week at the Women Writing the West conference, and the hotel computer's parental control filter wouldn't let me log on to the site. I'm guessing it's because of the word "Murder" in the address.

I'm in Monument, Colorado, now, visiting my in-laws before I do a couple of events at the end of this week, one at a Colorado Springs Barnes and Noble on Thursday, and one at a Denver Tattered Cover on Friday. My brother-in-law's computer is much more forgiving.

I just joined the Women Writing the West group a few months ago. As you might guess, Dear Reader, this is a group for women writers who live in and/or write about the Western United States. It's the only writer's group I belong to that isn't specifically for mystery writers, and just for that reason, the conference was quite different and interesting. Many of the women write non-fiction books and articles, as well as fiction of other genres than mine, but it seems that all writers have pretty much the same concerns about their art, their skills, and their business. There were about 100 attendees, so the conference was certainly smaller and much more intimate than Bouchercon. I was able to meet a large percentage of the people who were there and make a bunch of useful new contacts. WWW is quite a supportive group, too. I especially want to mention a lovely women by the name of Irene Brown who was so complementary to the group about my The Old Buzzard Had It Coming that the conference bookstore sold out of the title. I wish I could hire her as my publicist. This is the group that gives out the annual WILLA Literary Award for outstanding writing in several categories, and the conference ended with a beautiful banquet and awards ceremony.

Yesterday and today, I've been trying to hit libraries and bookstores in the area to shamelessly tout myself, and I'll do the same tomorrow, then Thursday I'll be at a Barnes and Noble in Colorado Springs, and Friday at a Tattered Cover in Denver before I head home to do some more events back in AZ. It's the joy of the new book promotional push.

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Vicki Delany said...

Do you think they'd accept a member who writes about the Canadian west? Sounds like an interesting group.