Monday, December 24, 2007


Vicki on my new posting day of Monday. This picture is of me and my dog shovelling the driveway at the place I'm staying in Crescent Valley, B.C. (Actually I'm shovelling and Shenzi is supervising.) You have to look very, very carefully to see me standing at the end of the driveway. And I've done it all by myself with my little shovel. Not even Christmas Day, and I'm wondering how high that bank is going to get. I could gripe and complain, but I'm really enjoying it. It doesn't get very cold out here, and not very windy. So it's pleasant outside, and the wind doesn't blow the snow into high drifts. So far, at least, the snow has been light and fluffy, so it isn't too heavy. It might be a different story if it was wet, heavy rain. I love the snow, and have really missed it the last few years in Oakville.
A couple of hours outside in the brisk winter air, getting some exercise. What could be better.

And the snow didn't even spoil my holiday plans. In something of a Christmas miracle, my youngest daughter was due to fly into Castlegar yesterday. Castlegar's nickname is Cancel-gar. The airport is in a valley, beside the joining of two rivers, surrounded by mountains. It was snowing very heavily when we left for the airport, and the clouds were so low I couldn't see the mountains. The plane had left Calgary, so even though I didn't expect it to be able to land, I thought I'd better go out to the airport anyway. Moments before I drove into Castlegar, it stopped snowing, and the clouds thinned enought that I could see the shape of the mountains. On the plane, the pilot told the passengers it wasn't looking prommising, and then suddenly he drove through an opening and landed. By the time the luggage was being collected, it was snowing heavily and the mountains had disappeared.

I love the snow and it loves me! Happy Holidays to all!

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FFXI GIL said...

The snow is so beautiful, i want to go to see it