Monday, March 03, 2008

On the road Again

Vicki checking in...
Spring has sprung here in the mountains and the mud and dog poop is bubbling to the surface. And it’s time to be on the road again. I’m off this week to Left Coast Crime in Denver, and then to the Pacific Festival of Books in Victoria the weekend following. On April 1st it’s a library event in the town of Trail and then back to Victoria and Vancouver for some book signings and then Shenzi I hit the open road heading east. We drove out here through Canada, and I am considering going back through the U.S. Back to Ontario and to a somewhat more settled life. Though not entirely settled – I still plan to travel quite a bit and I hope to come out to Nelson for a month or so every year.

It’s been a wonderful winter. I said I was going to hibernate and that’s pretty much what I did. I finished the second Smith and Winters book and got a good start on the third. I ventured the half-hour drive into town on Tuesdays for Yoga and grocery shopping, Wednesdays for breakfast, and Fridays for dinner. And the occasional other event.

I shoveled a ton of snow and walked a lot. I snowshoed out to the woodpile and down to the compost bin (such an expedition that I carried my cell phone in case I needed to call for help!)

I never did see a movie, but I read, and read and read. Lots of great books, a few not so great (see prior discussion of one James Patterson).

Hibernating is nice – but it’s time for this bear to wake up.

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