Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Louise Penny Report

Our guest blogger this weekend is the fabulous Louise Penny, multiple award winner for her first three novels. Currently, her third work, The Cruellest Month, is a finalist for the year's Arthur Ellis Awards. The winners will be announced at the Toronto Arthur Ellis Awards dinner this coming Thursday evening. Wish her luck!


[Bath, UK] What a day. We woke up in Montreal, had a full day there, and now we're in Bath, England! This is intentional, not the result of a drunken binge.

We had the BEST flight. Can you guess what happened? Yes - an upgrade. I
almost fell on my knees blubbering. We've given up completely on Air Canada
and switched to British Airways for flights to London. So far after 25 years
flying AC and not a single upgrade we've been upgraded on BA twice in a year to
Business Class. Dear Lord - they almost had to call security to get us off the
plane when it arrived. It's fabulous. Lie-flat beds. Need I say more?

Actually, the man across the aisle from me farted the entire way over, but that
could have happened in economy as well, to even greater effect. But this was
bad enough. So pungent was the smell I was slightly surprised the oxygen masks
didn't descend. It reminded me of a story I heard at Malice Domestic about
Jeffrey Deaver, whose dog pooped in the middle of a party he was giving and the
fumes were so noxious it set off his fire alarms.

This man had a bit of the mutt about him.

But still, for an upgrade I was willing to put up with even that.

We're actually in the UK to go to CrimeFest, which is an annual convention for
mystery writers and readers. Never been to it but I'm on two panels so it
should be fun. It's down the road in Bristol and starts Thursday. Between now
and then we're going to explore Baah-th. Meeting my agent for lunch tomorrow
and between now and then? High tea and a nap, then dinner.

The suffering of writers. It knows no bounds. I've just finished the first
draft of my next book, so the timing is perfect. I find it really helpful to
take a few weeks off before starting editing - get a bit of distance. Get a
little less wedded to the characters and plot so I can slice away.

This is the perfect tonic.

And it's such fun to be able to write and tell you all about our travels and the
beginning of our time here. Thank you Rick!


And thank you, Louise! I'm sure everyone is as envious of your current whereabouts as I am. Raise a pint for all the Type M folks while you're over there. Waddington's 4X, if you can find it.

Be sure to visit Louise's site:


Anonymous said...

The correct link is

Lesa said...

Nice flight, Louise. Even with the man across the aisle. Enjoy your trip. Have they offered you joint citizenship yet? You seem to be in England every other month or so.

Donis Casey said...

It's too bad the airline couldn't harness the fumes and save a little on jet fuel. If that could be done, airlines might offer a discount or upgrade to flatulent passengers. However, then first class passengers would have to make a choice between being able to stretch out or breathe. Still, we should all be willing to make sacrifices during the present fuel crisis.

Charles benoit said...

A few years back I was at Left Coast Crime in Bristol - the town was wonderful and the event was brilliant. I know you'll have a ball. Tell Adrian Muller I said hello.

Rick Blechta said...

I've corrected the link to Louise's site! Sorry about that!!

Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Good grief, I'm laughing too hard to write. And I thought my "traveling with kids" stories were bad. Love it. Have a great trip, Louise. And Donis, when you find out about those discounts, I'll be passing them on to one of my sons.

Anonymous said...

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