Monday, June 30, 2008

Work Habits

Vicki here, and I’m enjoying our guest bloggers’ posts. It’s good to get some insight into other people’s heads, isn’t it? I liked what Simon Wood had to say yesterday, about the necessity of Ripples and Dr. Who to his work habits. Which, of course, made me think of mine.
The Internet , not TV, is my downfall. I play an online game called Warfish with my family, friends, and total strangers. Hold on for a sec… I have to check and see if it’s my turn. I’m back – didn’t have a turn. Now where was I, oh yes, talking about work habits. Oh, e-mail pinged. I might have an important message. I’ll just check quickly and see if it’s Oprah calling about that show. Not Oprah, not this time, but it might have been. Oh, yes, work habits. Let me see. I write… wait, there was a turn-in-progress last time I checked Warfish, I’d better see what’s happening. Nothing’s changed: idiot must have started his turn and then walked away. I wonder if I have any new e-mails. No one’s responded yet to the one I sent all of ten minutes ago. Nope, nothing yet.
And on it goes. I’ve moved into a new house and have a new Internet provider (Note to Bell Sympatico – you can stop sending me e-mails asking if I’m happy with your service and take a hint – I found a new company) , and I’ve made a point of not hooking up my wireless network yet. So on nice sunny days, I take the laptop out to the deck when it’s writing time. Distance breaks me of my habit – I don’t carry the computer back inside and connect it, just to check if anything’s happening in a game or if Oprah has called. So I actually get several straight hours of work in. Fortunately it’s been sunny every morning for the past couple of weeks, since I settled down to solid writing again, so my resolve to stay away from the Internet while working has been firm.
Did you notice that I said morning? If you remember, I said a few months ago that now that I’m retired I was going to change my writing schedule completely and try writing in the morning rather than in the evening, as I got into the habit of doing when I was working. It worked so easily, I don’t know why I was concerned that I’d have trouble taking on a new pattern.
I bet every writer has a favourite procrastination device. What’s yours? Come on, tell Auntie Vicki, I won’t tell anyone.
Before I leave you, and check to see if Oprah has written me, I have a couple of announcements to make. First, I’m back on Internet Voices Radio for the summer. My first guest will be RJ Harlick, author of the Meg Harris mysteries set in Quebec. An incredible line-up of writers follows RJ, so please do check us out at The show is on Thursdays at 8:35 pm Eastern time. If you miss the live broadcast, it is available as a podcast about an hour later.
And second, I can now reveal the worst-kept secret in the world of Type M for Murder: my novel Golddigger: A Klondike Mystery will be published by the prominent Canadian publisher, RendezVous Crime in late 2009. Golddigger is the first in a series set in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, in the ‘Last Great Gold Rush’ of 1898. It is, as Cheryl Freedman, the executive director of CWC, says, a mystorical. It is also, I hope, lighthearted and funny.
I intend to keep writing the Constable Molly Smith series for Poisoned Pen Press, so if I want to complete two books a year the weather here in Ontario had better stay warm and sunny. Or I’d better find a way to break that Internet addiction.
That’s my deep, dark secret revealed. What’s yours?


Donis Casey said...

Vicki, if you can manage to write 2 novels a year, you are my heroine big time. I hope you'll let everyone know how, in the name of Jesus, Mary, and all the Saints, you do it.
Can't wait to read the new book.

Charles benoit said...

My writing secret? I don't know how to write classical mysteries. Don't have a clue as to how to hide clues. Well, in theory I do, and I've helped other to do it, I'm just not good at doing it in my books. Beside, I don't think I write mysteries anyway - for years I've been telling people I write good old fashioned adventure novels with an equal slice of mystery, romance, comedy and thrills. So that's my writing secret.

Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Haha, Vicki, you can surf the net and still get two books written every year. I surf the net and, hey, what time is it? I'm late picking up my son--or did I have a meeting at two?