Friday, July 04, 2008

I suppose I should write something about this being the 4th of July…

But I won’t. Instead I have three things on tap for you, oh our faithful readers, and I think I’ll start by pontificating on the things Vicki said in her blog below.

I used to believe in procrastination, but I’ve come to see it more as a negative term applied to a necessary process. When I whip up a pot of homemade soup1, I gather all the ingredients, chop, slice and dice as needed, but I don’t toss them all in at the same time. No, I know2 that a pair of ingredients need some time alone together, to get to know each other and get flavorfully intimate. Tossing everything in at once would be like inviting the wedding party along for the honeymoon night3. For the soup to be its best, you have to add the ingredients when it’s time. So how does this already stretched thin analogy? It’s just this—when you are doing something other than writing when you have the time to be writing, you really don’t want to be writing. And maybe, just maybe, that’s your Inner Creative Genius telling you that he/she is busy trying to work out a sticky plot point and that you should just leave them alone for a while to do it. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.4

Point number two on the blog is something that came as a huge and wonderful surprise—I am mentioned, by name, in Carolyn Hart’s latest book, Death on Demand. Wow. On page 181, Annie Darling, proprietor of Death on Demand, hand sells a copy of one of my books to a customer. Q: Does it get better than this? A: No. I honestly don’t know what would inspire Ms. Hart to bestow such a kindness, but I want her to know that if she ever needs a kidney she should give me a call. And if mine isn’t a match5, I’ll find one. So everyone, hit your local bookstore and scoop this up. I believe it may be her best work ever6.

Finally, yesterday I was the guest Blogger over at Working Stiffs. Check it out. And bookmark that site as it’s a lot of fun.

With the day off, I plan on finishing Richard Dooling’s Bet Your Life. What? You haven’t read anything by Richard Dooling? And you call yourself literate. I suggest you fix that glaring omission in your education. Start with White Man’s Grave and take it from there. By the way, this blog post by Mr. D should be required reading before anyone starts writing a novel.


1This is purely hypothetical as I have yet cracked the magic behind ‘whipping up’ a can of Campbell’s Noodle Soup. However I have been know to whip up a fine pizza deliver number in no time.

2In the theoretical sense, as knowing what goes on in a Black Hole.

3I’m not opposed to this practice, I just wish it would have been common when our attractive friends were all getting married.

4On second thought, no I’m not. It’s a stupid idea. Turn off the TV and get back to the keyboard. Geeze. Next thing I’ll be believing in gnomes and auras and luck. Oh and “guardian angles”. I can’t believe I wrote something that stupid. Ugh.

5It’s A or B, or maybe AB. Oh, and it’s either positive or negative. Maybe neutral. And trust me, it’s well lubricated.

6But don’t take my word for it. Publishers Weekly said, “This tight, Agatha Christie–style puzzler will keep readers guessing to the end.”



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