Saturday, August 02, 2008


I'm late posting today, so I'll make it short.  I just got back into Tempe a few minutes ago.  I've been up in Sedona, (Most Beautiful Place on Earth TM ) participating in a Mystery Writers of America event, ironically.  It was a panel presentation, featuring thriller writer Ben F. Small, true crime writer Kerrie Droban, mystery author Betty Webb, and My Humble Self. This was a special Arizona MWA meeting, part of a weekly author series for the 50th Anniversary elebration for the Sedona Public Library, co-sponsored by local bookstore The Well Red Coyote.  The owners of Well Red Coyote are mystery author Kris Neri and her husband Joe, who acted as our hosts.  It was a very useful, pleasant, and well-received event, and good publicity, too, since the local papers did several articles about it and about the authors.  The bookstore sold out of my titles and even bought some of my personal copies to sell, which made me happy.  I'm sure I gained several new readers. I wouldn't have been invited to participate if I did not belong to MWA.

 I'm always happy to visit Sedona.  The scenery is a knockout.  However, the trip cost me $150 for the hotel, $60 for gas, and $40 for dinner.  Do you think I made that much in royalties and future sales?  I'm asking - I really don't know. I, too, ask myself every day which expenditures are worth it and which aren't.  I just keep trying.  Like Charles, I'm not a joiner.  I'm always just the teeniest bit skeptical of the benefits being offered, and I usually don't find membership all that much fun, either.

It's a crap shoot.  Most of the time it's not worth the strain and the expense to me, but all it takes is that one perfect connection, that one stroke of luck, that one occasion when you're in the right place in the right time.  Hope springs eternal. (Note to self : in future try not to use four cliches in one paragraph.)

Oh, and last night, after the event, Don and I were headed back to the hotel when we looked up and saw a sky full of stars.  Since I moved to this city of 3 million plus, I never see the Milky Way any more, and I was transported.  That alone was worth $250 to me.


Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Awesome, Donis. It sounds like a great success despite the out of pocket expenses. I hope you end up recouping your expenditures in book sales, future PR, being with other book-lovers, and general good will. We all know it's impossible to put a price tag on many benefits. The Milky Way? Wow.

Hannah Dennison said...

Donis ... as a new mystery author having to pay for my own travels, my trip to Arizona in May wasn't exactly "cheap" but ... I got to meet you and make some wonderful new friends! It was worth every cent. (Though I have yet to convince my husband).