Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clues and Bookcovers

Every so often, I substitute teach, which I find loads of fun. Today, I'm doing 8th Grade Science and I'm trying to teach the students gear ratios. The first thing we had to do was derive a formula.

Whoa. I think I'm more right-brained than I used to be. Or is it left-brained? I'm starting to worry about my brain in general. Is it still there? I could just about walk over a body on the floor and not see it right now, let alone look for clues or confront a killer. Oh, did I mention that I'm wearing a cape and witch hat, too? Not that I have any witch skills, which might come in handy at this point.

Let's just skip all this Halloween prep and bring on the chocolate. It might stimulate my brain. In terms of my writing efforts, it's not happening today. I'm doing gears, remember? So just to add more literature-oriented material in this blog, I'll upload the cover to my new book. I didn't do it myself, as Nan Beams can attest (our guest blogger 2 weeks ago), and I love this artist's work. What do you all think?

For a MUCH more coherent blog, tune into our guest this Sunday, Elizabeth Zelvin. Liz Zelvin is a New York City psychotherapist whose debut mystery, Death Will Get You Sober, was published by St. Martin's in 2008. First in a series, it's a traditional whodunit about recovery from alcoholism, friendship, and getting a second chance. Protagonist Bruce Kohler also appears in two short stories. "Death Will Clean Your Closet" first appeared in the anthology Murder New York Style and was nominated for an Agatha award.

Now where was that Butterfingers bar...yikes, there's the bell. Twenty thirteen-year-olds in costumes are swarming into my gear lab.


Donis Casey said...

Wow, that's nice, Debby. I like the title, too.

Rick Blechta said...

Superb cover! Wow!!

Debby (Deborah Turrell) Atkinson said...

Thanks! That was the first time I'd ever uploaded a photo--a jpeg file, that is, and it ended up bigger than I'd intended. I'm a long way from a techno-whiz.