Saturday, February 21, 2009

Touring by Teleconference

I am going to make a point to find Roman de Gare. (See Charles' entry, below.) As a rule, I have found that French movies are great.  Considering that the French love Jerry Lewis, I am at a loss to explain why that is, but it is.  The French have an attitude toward life that seems to me to be much less idealistic and infinitely more  quirky than the Anglos’.   If you want a lesson in the difference, just compare the American movie The Men and a Baby with the French original, Tres Hommes et un Couffin.

Do you live in the boonies?  Do you regret that authors never, ever come to your town? The members of the Manasha, WI, Public Library Mystery Readers Group had that very problem.  That is, until some of the women attended Bouchercon a few years ago and met our colleague, the lovely Fred Ramsay (The Stranger Room, Poisoned Pen Press), and his even lovelier wife, Susan.  When the ladies bemoaned the fact that authors never come to Manasha, Fred suggested that they should just call some authors on the phone.  Over the last few years,  they have interviewed many authors by conference call.  

Last Monday, I was privileged to be one of them. Their latest read was my third novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder.  I had an opportunity to do my favorite thing - expound at length about my work, and the members asked me lots of questions about the book, my entire series, and all the characters. I hope they enjoyed the experience as much as I did.

The economy being what it is, both authors and readers are going to have to come up with imaginative ways to get together, and thanks to a brilliant suggestion by Fred Ramsay, the members of the Manasha Public Library Mystery Readers Group have come up with a wonderfully simple and effective one.


CarolD said...

Someone should suggest having conversations over Skype or some other video-conference format. That would give the benefit of being able to see the guest speaker as well as hear her/him.

Donis Casey said...

I think that's a great idea. I have Skype, and have suggested it, but no one has taken me up on it yet.

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