Friday, March 27, 2009

Reality Check

Charles here, envious of Debby and Vicki but eager to chat about Rick’s question.

As you no doubt recall, Rick asked if it was ‘fair’ to use real events as a jumping off point for a story.* After much internal debate and spirited arguments with the voice(s) in my head, I have decided that the answer is: hell yeah.

My entire third book, Noble Lies, is based on the fact that a tsunami struck Thailand and many people were killed and that today roughly 5,000 and still missing. Not unidentified, missing. )Now did I do it successfully? I’d like to think so but I’d love to hear what you think.)

So, resolved, using actual big events as background for a novel is permissible. Have at it Rick, old pal.

Not to get all philosophical on you, but every story is based on reality. With the possible exception of stories that appear in Letters to Penthouse Forum.

On a side note, scoot over to YouTube and check out what someone posted under my Advice to Authors video. I refuse to respond to someone who can not even grasp the basics of sarcasm, the lowest of all comedic forms. However you, dear reader, are welcome to add your comments.

BTW-Speaking tonight at The Century Club. Hope to see you there. In a few weeks I’m in Phelps so alert the media.

*That may not be the actual question Rick posed, but I need it to be the question for my blog to make what little sense it does.


Susan D said...

Nice video, Charles. And well-presented. I'll bet that created a whole bunch of procrastination points.

Rick Blechta said...

You indeed did do the job with Nobel Lies. It is a fine book and is crying out to become a movie!!

No... Wait a moment... I meant Noble Lies! Yes, that's what I meant to type the first time. It is a great book, and it would make a fantastic movie!

Of course, something interesting might also possibly be done with "Nobel Lies". You see, there's this scientist who cheats a little on his research and instead of...