Saturday, October 24, 2009

PPWebcon Today

If you are reading this entry on Saturday morning, Dear Readers, please be advised that I, Donis, am not here.  I am presently in lovely Scottsdale, Arizona, participating in a live, on-air panel on Suspense for the first ever PPWebcon.

I’ll be reporting for duty at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore at eight-blinking-thirty in the morning in order to be filmed live (as live as I can be at 8:30 a.m.) for Webcon Hour 3, discussing Suspense with Libby Hellmann, Frederick Ramsay, and Betty Webb. I have written out a number of cogent thoughts on the subject and studied them carefully so that I can be spontaneous and brilliant on camera.

The Webcon is the brainchild of Robert Rosenwald, publisher and owner of Poisoned Pen Press.  It features live as well as on-demand discussions and presentations by some really top mystery authors.  Robert’s intention is to offer the benefits of a major mystery convention, from the comfort of your home computer.  Judging from what I have seen thus far, it’s going to be wild and wooly, and a lot of fun. 

I’ve also contributed to two text panels which will be available not only today, but ever after - Ideas, featuring Rebecca Cantrell, J.M. Hayes, Peter May, Rachel Brady, and Yours Truly, and History/Mystery, with Clea Simon, Jane Copsey, Vicki Delany, Roger Hudson, Sarah Wisseman, and Self. 

I shall no doubt glean all kinds of wonderful and enlightening information on how to create and sustain suspense in crime writing, and will not fail to share it with you.

In addition, do not miss our guest blogger tomorrow, the delightful Chip Granger, coming to us from Across the Pond.  Chip is the author of several prize-winning works of both fiction and non-fiction, and has much insight to share on the differing skill sets the two require.  


Susan D said...

just fyi, all: I think it's

Donis Casey said...

Indeed, I see that my link didn't work. I shall change it, but if it still doesn't work, do as Susan says. Much of the con is archived, if you couldn't attend the live event.

Hannah said...

I am so jealous! I so wanted to be a part of that but I have just returned from the UK. Do hope you will blog about it Donis!

Donis Casey said...

I will, Hannah! It was surprisingly good. (Perhaps I shouldn't say surprisingly.) I enjoyed Vicki's presentation. Like the color scheme in your room, Vicki.