Friday, November 06, 2009

I’d do a better job

Charles here.

One of the best things about being a writer is that I get to decide how things end. I put events into motion, explore different angles, hint at possible reasons and justifications, and in the end, I decide who did what to whom and, most importantly, why. I admit that I enjoy lopsidedly skewering those with points of view that are different than mine since they do it to my points of view in their books (isn’t that so, Glen Beck?), and I enjoy painting the world not always as it is but as I would like it to be. God complex? Sure, but at least I’d get it right.

When I’m writing I get to pick where the crime takes place, who gets killed or wounded, how they die and who they leave behind. I like it when my books’ helpless victims turn out to be not so helpless after all, and while no one deserves to die (well, almost no one), let’s just say some will be missed less than others. I also get to pick the story’s villain. I get to pick the name, sex, age, ethnic background, appearance, religious views, political stance, what they drink (or don’t), how they like their steaks done, what sports franchise they cheer for and what’s on their itunes. While I do like to make suspects out of everyone, I know that when it comes to the final act, I will determine how it all plays out and only the most deserving will suffer.

This omnipotence is comforting since, until I can figure out how, I have little control over much of anything. If I did, missing kids would be found safe, terrorist bombs would fail to go off, white collar criminals would all get caught and psychiatrist Muslim army majors wouldn’t walk into administration buildings to kill 19 and wound dozens more. Crazy psychiatrists? Violent Muslims? Military personnel who snap? Hack clichés. Insulting stereotypes. Too unrealistic to be true.

Well, it would be if I was God.


Vicki Delany said...

I'd vote for Charles for God (or at least God's assistant)

Jan Morrison said...

Hey Charles - I like that too and I like decorating rooms and inventing elaborate arguments and learning about stuff I have interest in but will not take up as a hobby (the tango, drawing, heritage gardening). And probably like every God I get pissed when my creations develop free will and insist on moving to Southern Alberta or when I make someone the bad guy and then I fall in love with him a little bit. In the end - it's all good! It is tricky being a therapist and a writer because I want to fix my neurotic characters. Yikes. Doesn't even work as a therapist. Thanks for your always interesting view!

Rick Blechta said...

You should have taken up music more seriously, Charles. We have people in this profession who act like God. They're called conductors.