Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plot in the Face

Check out this short video by Johannes Bockwoldt, a Filmmaker and Screenwriter I met at a TedX event here in Rochester.

The first time I watched it I admired it for its quirky humor. The second time I watched it with my ad agency producer eyes on and was impressed with the technical details. The third time I was in author-plotting-next-book mode (gee, I wonder why) and that's when I was really impressed. The set up, the playful hey-I-got-skills joking with his wife, and then the intricately plotted action sequences. Just like the pie man, making it look easy is the hard part. The twists, the in and out with the banister, the railing slide to perfect catch...the pre-planning impressed the hell out of me and made me think about the book I'm working on.

I've said (too many times) that I like to have a clear plan when I write but with this new one the protagonist really is taking me places I didn’t expect to go. It’s a wonderful experience and I’m enjoying the ride. But after seeing Pie in the Face I sortta miss the complex plotting I used to do. Not that I’ll go back to that style—I have to go where my demanding muse drags me – but I do appreciate the planning that goes into the process.

Thanks to Johannes for allowing me to post his film. Years from now, you’ll get to say that you were watching his films before all of his Oscar-winning blockbusters.


Vicki Delany said...

Loved it. So clever.

Rick Blechta said...

Great blog topic this week. Thanks!