Tuesday, July 13, 2010


No, it's not Talk Like a Pirate Day here on Type M. I've been having "Internet Problems" for the past two days and it was driving me nuts.

My ISP kept telling me that the problem was completely at my end. Nice try. I actually do know a lot about computers and I also have made it my business to learn a lot about how Internet connections work because my day job (graphic design) absolutely requires my connection to be up and running at all times. When it's not up, I have to resort to the bad old days of annotated faxes ("See that colour block at the top? It's a really nice shade of green. You'll love it!") and phone calls — which always take longer than they need to.

So here I am speaking to someone who is telling me I'm the one who has problems, when I have done all the testing at my end and know it's theirs. It was definitely a Catch-22 situation. By noon today, with my frustration level on overload, I needed to do something while they sorted out their issues. (I did finally get a second level tech to admit that they were having problems. Hah!)

It was a hot and humid day in Toronto, but my wife has made a green oasis of our back yard, so I took some paper and a pen, found a shady spot, put a cooling beverage on a low table at my right hand, and spent 3 glorious hours writing nearly 5 pages of the novel I'm currently working on. Not only that, I was writing about a cold and blustery day in late November, so I also provided my own literary air conditioning.

God, I love writing!


peter_may said...

Write on, Rick!

Vicki Delany said...

Sounds perfect. (NOt the computer part)

Anonymous said...

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