Thursday, July 01, 2010

Little time, so I will be brief

As the title indicates, over the past 15 or so days, I have graded nearly 700 hand-written student essays (as an Advanced Placement reader) and read and re-read excellent student stories (as the fiction director at Broken Bridge Summer Arts Workshop), I have had little time.

I am still pushing ahead in my plans to make the Jack Austin books available online. To date, I have a new cover for the first book, CUT SHOT, and my most recent snag--and this is a warning to anyone trying this--is that the versions of the novels I have on my computer, of course, are not the final drafts that appeared in print. So now I am negotiating with my publisher to get PDF files of those.

What has gone smoothly is the redesign for the CUT SHOT cover. And I can take little credit for that. My good friend and designer Melissa Rowe of Rowe Design did it all. I said, "I don't want it golfy--no brown, no green."

Here is the 2000 edition:

And above is Melissa's version, which I love.

I really like it. If anyone is interested, Melissa is taking new clients and can be reached at Melissa Rowe
Rowe Design

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