Friday, July 16, 2010

On the Trail

Although my new book, "The Blackhouse", will not be out until February, I have been spending the last week working on the script for the book trailer.

I know that there are varying schools of thought on the value, or otherwise, of the book trailer (an oft discussed subject on this blog), but the statistics are interesting. They were explored in a recent article in the New York Times, which will make useful reading for anyone considering making one:

But in reading the article, I followed a link to one of the most successful book trailers around. I was seduced by it's simplicity, its humor and it's truth. And I would love to share it with readers of TM4M...


Donis Casey said...

When I watched this video I realized that I am Dennis Cass in drag. This story has been adapted from my actual life.

Vicki Delany said...

Has anyone ever seen Donis Casey and Dennis Cass together? I thought not!

Donis Casey said...

My secret is out.

Janice Hally said...

Hahaha Donis! It's so obvious... Donis/Dennis... Casey/Cass. How did people not catch on to that sooner!
On a serious note, though, can anyone else think of a business where the creator of the article is SO responsible for the marketing and promotion of it?
Do Nike and Adidas expect the kids from the sweatshops to be blogging about their lives as they cut and glue the soles of the shoes? No, they have ad campaigns because a marketing budget is part of a normal business plan.
Of course Nike and Adidas are not promoting each individual kid's shoes.
So back to the sweatshop, people!
And if you want your shoes to stand out... get marketing!
But as I see a certain author's diary fill up with requests from the publishers to attend signings and author events all over Europe, I seriously wonder how he's expected to find the time for WRITING.

Anonymous said...

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