Saturday, September 18, 2010

Queen of the Web

I’m very happy to report that my personal website is one of the most popular sites on all the World Wide Web. I know this because when I check the comments awaiting moderation, I sometimes find up to one hundred people a day want to send me their accolades and felicitations. Following are a few glowing comments I received just today: 1) Brilliant blog posting. 2) I found your post very interesting, even brilliant, 3) I think you are a brilliant. (Obviously three extremely insightful individuals.)

The only thing that bothers me is that it seems many of my readers are barely literate. How they can be such rabid fans of my books with such limited grammatical and spelling skills is a mystery, but I’ll take such adoration wherever I can get it. To wit:
Thank you for this fantastic publish. It contains a great information which I need. I to thank you for this concerning post. I by all odds preferred every little bit of it. (It’s nice to be so loved.)
Thank you for share very nice knowledges. (You’re welcome. I always strive to make my knowledges as nice as possible.)
How does it accomplish these successes? (It works very hard.)
Good to determine you back. And again with the interesting article. (Thanks. You’re such a mensch.)
I’m absorbing in this theme but Can U write more close to it? (I’m already right up against the wall.)

I’m very popular in Europe, as well, judging by all the foreign language comments I get. Europeans are always extremely grateful for my wisdom and insight.
Grazie, applauso del resto, rispetto. (Prego)
Merci à propos de ce blog, le thème m’a réellement immensément interessé. (Avec plaisir, mon ami.)
Groß danke Für Diese Post, Das unterdrückt hat mich wirklich viele Aufgehangen. (Bitte.)
секс первый опытсекс первый опыт. (Don’t know a thing about Russian. I hope this isn’t pornographic.)

And here’s someone who has really been thinking of ways to spice up my historical mystery series: This may be kind of lame, but it’s just a suggestion. I always thought ocean engineering was kind of interesting.. so maybe something along those lines?

I always thought Alafair would make a great ocean engineer.


peter_may said...

A subterranean detective! Now there's an idea!!

Janice said...

Oh what an inspiration it must be to find these comments each morning... Fantastic! Must set you up for the day!

BTW your instinct is correct with regard to the Russian one - it's an invitation to enhance your love-making with something experimental, but don't worry, it's not explicit about what!

Hannah Dennison said...

Ha ha -- hilarious post - no ... really BRILLIANT. Russian lovemaking? Does it involve vodka, fur and snow? At least you get comments which is more than I can say for my own blog. The last comment I received was a link on how to stop snoring in 56 days.