Saturday, January 08, 2011

"Crying Blood" is Here

The day has finally come. I got home late yesterday afternoon from speaking to a writing group in northeast Phoenix, (for which I did get paid, I hasten to assure you after enjoying Harlan Ellison's rant in yesterday's post) and found two boxes on my doorstep – one large and one smaller. Contained therein were 25 hardcover copies and four softcover copies of the fifth Alafair Tucker Mystery, Crying Blood. It’s always a satisfying day when you finally hold the finished product of a couple of year’s work in your hands for the first time. It has in fact been exactly two years since The Sky Took Him came out, and there were moments between then and now that I had my doubts that the fifth book would see the light of day.

But here it is, in the flesh, so to speak. How satisfying it is to open the book for the first time and read the dedication " all the men I love...but especially for my father. For good or ill, our fathers...teach us what it is to be a man." And then the acknowledgments, thanks to my editor, and to the librarians in the Muskogee Public Library Local History and Genealogoy Department. I'm assuming that Jewish family history is kept in its own special collection.

I promise you that in both the manuscript and galleys, the word "genealogy" was correctly spelled. Has any book in the history of the world been printed without a typo?

Here's what the novel is about:
A mysterious young Creek Indian boy who stealthily follows Shaw Tucker home from a strange hunting trip calls himself Crying Blood, which is a Creek term that means something like "seeking justice". The Creeks believed that an unnatural death throws the world out of balance, but the boy finds no justice, only his own death. Shaw Tucker vows to find out why and to restore the right order of things.

Drop over to my website to read an excerpt, and keep an eye out for an opportunity in the near future to win a signed copy of Crying Blood.


peter_may said...

Congratulations, Donis! Fingers crossed for great sales.

Donis Casey said...

Thanks, Peter. From your mouth...

Vicki Delany said...

Congratulats. I'll pick up my copy in March when I'm in Poisoned Pen. Unless they've sold out by then.

Hannah Dennison said...

Congratulations Donis - I just love the photo of you holding your labors of love. It's a great post and made me smile.