Saturday, January 29, 2011

Suit of Lights

Today is the day - It was long in coming, but the official launch party for Crying Blood is this afternoon at 5:00 at the Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale, Arizona. I posted all the particulars on last week's entry and on my own web site, so I won't reiterate, except to invite any of you Dear Readers who are within driving distance of Scottsdale to come to the party.

No matter how much lead time I have before the publication of a new book, the release date always seems to sneak up on me, and I have never yet been as prepared as I intended to be. For this book, I'm as ready as I'm going to be, I suppose. I didn't manage to lose five pounds, re-blond, or get a face lift, as I originally planned.

But I do have a spiffy outfit.

I'm always concerned with the clothes when I appear before a group. I can no longer be the cutest young thing in the room, but I can be well-dressed, damn it. I usually spend at least a month thinking about the outfit, and trying on a series of ensembles, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and parading them around in front of my patient if somewhat bemused husband as though I were an eight year old girl playing dress-up.

I go to such trouble only for myself, I think. When I go to other author events, it seems that the bigger the names the less concerned they seem to be about their duds. Especially the men. Don and I attended an event for a Very Big Name not long ago, and afterwards Don said to me, "Is he married?"

"I don't know," says I. "Why do you ask?"

He replied, "I was wondering why his wife let him go out looking like that."

A nice outfit gives me an ego boost, and I'm guessing Very Big Name didn't need one. As for me, when I don my Suit of Lights and enter the arena, I can face the bull with confidence.
Which one is it this time, you ask? It's the green one.


peter_may said...

Congratulations, Donna! Have a wonderful launch. And soak up a little of that sunshine for me. It's cold and wet here!!

Lesa said...

Looking forward to seeing you tonight, Donis! I'm sure you'll look great. Loved Don's question though. I've seen a few of those authors. (grin) Good luck with Crying Blood! (I reviewed it today.)

Donis Casey said...

Thanks, Peter. I shall enjoy the sunshine for you - 71 F here today. Of course you may be cold and wet, but you're still in France, which makes up for a lot.

Lesa, many thanks as always, and I look forward to seeing you.

Marilynne said...

Wear your friendliest smile and whatever looks nice, but comfortable. I do like to go to book signings. I'm impressed when the author doesn't apologize for hawking her book, but doesn't belabor the point either. I love it when the author is relaxed and talky. Humor is good, but I didn't come to see a comedienne.

Congratulations on your new book.

Donis Casey said...

Comfortable is very important, Marilynne. Especially the shoes.

Hannah Dennison said...

I thought of you all day! So happy that it went well ---Hannah
p.s. you always look spiffy!