Monday, February 07, 2011

Vote for Me! (if you want to)

I'm writing this in the Birmingham, Alabama airport hopeing to get on a plane. After a wonderful, wonderful weekend at Murder in the Magic City in Birmingham and Murder on the Menu at the Wetempka library we got stuck in an incredible traffic jam (1 hour to go about 1 mile) and I missed my plane. Wish me luck for getting out of here in a timely manner.

And I now I need something else as well as luck. This blog, Type M, has been going for almost five years now. The purpose of the blog is not for self-promotion but to start a discussion among those of us who love to read and write boooks of all kinds, crime novels in particular.

So I'm going to beg your indulgence and ask for your help.

I was thrilled to discover that Negative Image is one of the five finalists for a CBC bookies award for excellence in genre fiction. You might have heard of some of the other finalists, The Girl WHo Kicked the Hornets's Nest anyone? Well the final voting is open to the public, and if you liked Negative Image I'd just love it if you could give me a vote. You don't have to be Canadian. You don't even have to watch or listen to the CBC. Here's the link where you can see the other finalists and vote. Click Here
Much appreciated.


Hannah Dennison said...

You got my vote!!
Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

got my vote to :)

but if you really need many votes just use the :- they will vote for you ;]

Donis Casey said...

I voted for you. Goes without saying, of course.