Monday, March 07, 2011

Murder at Lost Dog Lake by Vicki Delany

I’m arriving late to the revolution. The barricades have been breached, the demonstrating hordes have passed. The bonfires have been put out and the discarded placards collected. The police are back at the station with their feet up and coffee mugs at hand and their horses are in the stable. And along I come, playing my tambourine and carrying my handmade poster, chanting slogans and wondering where everyone is.

No, I’m not in Wisconsin or in Toronto for the G-20. I’m in cyberspace and I’ve just published an e-book.

It's called Murder at Lost Dog Lake. It’s a PI novel that takes place on a wilderness canoe trip to Ontario’s Algonquin Park. I wrote it shortly after I was on a wilderness canoe trip in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. This book had an extremely short life as an e-book way back in 2004 – sort of the dark ages of electronic publishing – and I earned a grand total of $3.50 (US) on it. I never did cash the cheque. The book, incidentally, was nominated for an EPPIE award for the best mystery published on the Internet. Without that I might have only earned $2.50 (US).

Anyway, the book has been resting in the recesses of my computer, gathering bytes of dust. I decided to take it out and dust it off and join the revolution.

Today it’s available on Kindle. Tomorrow, Smashwords and other formats. It’s priced at the low low price of $2.99 which was the minimum I could charge, and I am hoping that it will draw people who will like it and then they’ll have a look at my other books. (Incidentally, I might mention that all my Poisoned Pen Books are available for Kindle and other e-readers at the very reasonable price of $6.95).

My friend and fellow mystery writer Donna Carrick of Carrick Publishing ( did all the work of formatting the book and getting it up onto Amazon and Smashwords.

She did a great job.

See for yourself.

Follow this link: Amazon and fork out your $2.99.

If you like the book, I’d really appreciate a comment on Amazon.


Hannah Dennison said...

Good for you!! I was at SleuthFest this weekend and there was a lot of talk about e-books and all kinds of great information. I love the book jacket!

Donis Casey said...

Good luck! I'd like to know how it goes. And By the way, I've only vaguely heard about a parade, but I haven't even bought the cardboard for my placard yet.