Friday, April 15, 2011

The Older Hotter Deadlier Book Tour

Vicki here, out of turn on a Friday. Brent Ghelfi didn’t get his homework done (naughty lad) and so we’re swapping places for this week. Tune in on Monday to hear what Brent has been up to.

About all I can say to John and those in the same boat as him is, hang in there! In John’s posting yesterday he lamented the shortage of time that many people have to devote to what they really want to do – write or create art or some such. I also had the kids and the job and everything else that goes with those things. Now the kids are grown, the job is but a bad memory (except for the nice little thing called the paycheque) and I am a rich and famous author. Well, perhaps not the last bit.

And as a not-rich and definitely not-famous author, I’m about to hit the road once again. The house sitter arrives tomorrow and so today will be devoted to cleaning the house. (I gave up the cleaning lady when I gave up the aforementioned paycheque).

This time it’s off to North Carolina with Mary Jane Maffini (who's new book, The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder, is hot off the presses, and Elizabeth Duncan, author of the Penny Brannigan mysteries, for a tour organized by the incomparable Molly Weston. We’re calling our trip Older Hotter Deadlier, and are going to have so much fun. And, if we sell a few books, that’s pretty good too.

We’ll be in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area (or so I have been told) and if you’d like to come out, I’ve put the details up at As well as meeting readers and talking about our books we’re going to discuss Canadian crime books in general and hopefully alert the good people of North Carolina to the fact that we are out there.

To that effect we’re delighted that the Canadian Consulate will be sponsoring our Monday evening event at the Page Walker Hotel in Cary.

Task for this afternoon: Visit Laura Secord for a pile of Easter Eggs so as to really impress the North Carolinians with fine Canadian cuisine.

We’ll wave good-bye to North Carolina and head back north stopping at Malice Domestic, always a great conference. I’m going to host a table again this year, so if you’d like to try some of those fine Laura Secord Easter chocolates (comes with a history lesson on Laura Secord) sign up as soon as you arrive.

And then – the highlight of my promotional year! The Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, Pennsylvania put on by Mystery Lovers Bookshop. It’s something to experience, whether you’re an author or a reader (or, most likely both)

Hope to see you on the road!

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Donis Casey said...

Oh, my, you happy, happy, lucky person you, what fun. I am so envious, I admit.