Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Only Thing that is Constant is Change

On Sunday I took a much longed for solitary walk in Franklin Canyon. It’s one of my absolute favorite hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains just a ten minute drive from my house. I live right in the middle of Los Angeles so for me (a country girl from England) its very existence is akin to finding an oasis in a barren desert. 

At this time of year the canyon is still green and lush, awash with wild flowers, humming bees and birdsong. At the trail top I can see the Pacific Ocean shimmering before me and behind me are mountains still topped with snow. However, on rounding a corner my happiness was cut short.  Someone had erected a shiny chain link fence complete with the news that the canyon was in threat of being developed. 

On arriving home, my husband announced that our apartment building is being sold and that we must find somewhere else to live. I love our apartment. It dates from the 1920’s (which is old for Los Angeles), and is built in the Spanish style with high ceilings and wooden floors. 

Nothing ever stays the same. I don’t do well with change. My mother told me that when I was nine, I cried for a week when we sold our old sofa. Change is inevitable and we can either get left behind or embrace it. 

For my birthday I was horrified to discover that my husband had bought me a Kindle. Secretly, I swore I wouldn’t even get it out of the box but not wanting to hurt his feelings, I thought I owed this gadget a few minutes of my time. Honestly, I love it! I hate to admit it – but I do. Nothing will replace my passion for collecting books nor will I stop buying hard copies. But I travel a lot and I think I’ll give it a trial run when I head off to Malice Domestic next week in Bethesda. I always carry at least six books when I travel in case I run out of stuff to read so it will be nice not to resemble a pack mule for a change.

The truth is the bulk of my sales for my Vicky Hill series are surprisingly sold on Kindle. I know some of us have already embraced e-publishing, flash fiction and self-publishing via Kindle etc. and I know I am way behind. But now, with my second book going out of print and the others soon to follow, I had an epiphany. Soon I'll be able to get the rights back and publish them myself on Kindle! Maybe I’ll continue writing the series too! Hurrah for change! I love change!

As for finding a new home, perhaps we’ll discover something even nicer. Our area is a little shoddy and our neighbors very loud. Meanwhile, I’ve just added my name to the Save Franklin Canyon petition. In these days of “global warming” environmentalists are no longer perceived as hippy outsiders. They are a force to be reckoned with and that is a very welcome change. 


Donis Casey said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your apartment, Hannah. And I never got to see it! I'll look forward to seeing the even better place.

Diane said...

Enjoyed your post and the description of your walk was enticing. How sad it is in jeopardy. Developers constantly search out what sells and no doubt this will. I haven't bought a Kindle myself but I think ones coming my way on Mother's Day - overhead some whisperings. Hopefully, like you, I will enjoy it.

Hannah Dennison said...

Thanks Donis ... actually last night I remembered that we don't have air conditioning and last summer it reached 91 degrees INSIDE!

Diane - I am sure you'll enjoy your Kindle -- my husband also bought me a beautiful leather cover. It actually looks like a leather-bound journal.

Thanks for stopping by!