Monday, May 02, 2011

Among the Departed: A Constable Molly Smith Novel. A Free Gift.

Vicki here on Monday and happy to report that this week sees the release of my newest novel, Among the Departed. This is the fifth book in the Constable Molly Smith series from Poisoned Pen Press.

Among the Departed is much more than a mystery novel: it is also a story of love – new and old, long-concealed, life-affirming and fatal.

Fifteen years ago a young girl by the name of Moonlight Smith went to her best friend Nicky Nowak’s house for a sleepover. Moonlight joined the family for breakfast the following morning and was then picked up by her mother. Shortly after, Mr. Nowak went for a walk.
He was never seen again.

Autumn has arrived on the mountains above Trafalgar, B.C. and the promise of winter is in the air. Constable Molly Smith is cuddled by the fireplace with Adam Tocek of the RCMP when Tocek and his dog Norman are called to a wilderness camping ground to join the search for a little boy who snuck away from his family in a brave hunt for bears.

The child is found, dirty, terrified, weeping, but unharmed. Then the inquisitive Norman digs up something else: human bones.

The ID isn’t positive, but it is enough to have Sergeant John Winters of the Trafalgar City Police pulling old boxes from the basement to re-open the Brian Nowak investigation. He finds a family shattered beyond recognition by the disappearance of their husband and father. Mrs. Nowak is an empty shell of a woman, dressed in pyjamas, never leaving the house. Her son Kyle haunts the streets of Trafalgar at night and spends his days creating beautiful, but highly troubling, art. Nicky Nowak lives in Vancouver and has grown up to be gorgeous, charming, elegant. Yet behind that facade lies a woman whose heart has closed so tightly against human relationships she comes to Trafalgar trailing in her wake a terrifying threat to another innocent family.
As the investigation into the life and disappearance of Brian Nowak grows, old secrets are brought to light and new ones struggle to remain hidden. The prologue and first chapter are on my web page if you’d like a sneak peek.

I participated in the Page 69 test at with an analysis of Page 69 and what it reveals about the book.

Library Journal gave Among the Departed a starred review saying,”By using western Canada as her setting, Delany gives us a breath taking vista, in which she places her deceptively minimalist plots. Her exceptional ability to create characters, both realistic and sometimes creepy, makes this another terrific addition to her outstanding body of work.”

Dana Stabenow, author of the Kate Shugak series says, “A rugged western landscape and modern day Mounties make this a series to watch.”

Kirkus Reviews says, “Delany invigorates the… genre with an unsparing look at love in all its variations, including coming to terms with it the second time around.”

One of the mystery world’s favourite librarians, Lesa Holstine says on her popular blog, Lesa's Book Critiques, "When I want to read a good traditional police procedural, with characters whose lives change in the course of the series, I'm very content to pick up one of Vicki Delany's Constable Molly Smith books."

Among the Departed is now available on, Barnes and Noble. Com, and available for pre-order at and Your independent bookstore will be happy to order it for you if it is not in stock, and will your local library.

There has been a delay in the Kindle release, and I am hoping it will be available very soon as well as for other electronic formats.

Happy Reading!

Free Offer: If you would like a signed bookplate or a postcard for Among the Departed or one of my bookmarks, please send me an email to vicki at vickidelany dot com. I'll pay the postage!


Lesa said...

"One of the mystery world's favorite librarians..." Thank you, Vicki! So pleased with Among the Departed. Good luck with it!

Martha Paley Francescato said...

Latest challenge: In "Among the Departed" Eliza is reading a book, a historical mystery with iconic pictures across the cover” (an “inside” joke). I wonder how many will get it. I will send a box of the finest chocolates to the first TEN readers who realize the meaning of the book she is reading. Vicki, generous soul, has offered to send me some bookmarks or postcards to put in with the chocolates! Please "friend" me and send your answers there or through a message. Thanks!

Vicki Delany said...

Hey, everyone. Join Martha's contest! You have to friend her in facebook in order to send in the answer.