Friday, September 16, 2011

Greetings from St. Louis

Frankie here. I'm in St. Louis attending Bouchercon, the international mystery conference. I arrived on Wednesday and discovered (a) it was raining and I had remembered to bring my umbrella, and (b) I had not packed a warm jacket. Luckily the sun came out on Thursday. Lesson number 1, which conference attendees often forget -- check the weather forecast one more time before leaving home and pack with list in hand, especially if you're doing it at after midnight as you contemplate your early morning flight.

A recap of what I've done so far:

Wednesday afternoon, rushed to hotel and checked in. Changed from traveling clothes and headed by taxi (rain and distance) to the Sisters in Crime workshop "SinC into Great Writing 2011." Heard great keynote speaker and then sessions on the pros and cons of different types of publishing options (e.g., traditional,e-publishing, self-publishing). The afternoon ended with a session by Marcia Talley and Ellen Hart on "being Kindled" (i.e., a guide to e-book publication). After dinner, we heard a funny and inspiring speech by Meg Gardiner. She told us about how years of hard work, an agent who believed in her, and a serendipity (Stephen King reading her book on a flight to Europe) had figured into her career. Meg's speech was followed by a session on marketing.

Went back to hotel and got much needed sleep after early morning flight.

Thursday morning, Sisters in Crime board meeting, followed by lunch with fellow board members, Cathy Pickens and Marcia Talley.

Thursday afternoon, signed in at conference, visited table for Bouchercon 2013 in Albany, New York and got our cool orange baseball cap when I registered. Also had the pleasure of saying "hello" to my fellow Type M for Murder blogger, Charlotte, when we crossed paths in the book dealers room.

Thursday afternoon, attended a couple of panels, talked to people I knew in hallways (one of the fun parts of attending a conference).

Later, attended publisher's reception, spent pleasant couple of hours talking to writers and touching base with my editor.

Rushed back to conference hotel in time to catch the end of the opening reception for Bouchercon and be present when a friend won an award.

Back to my hotel and to bed.

Friday morning, up really early to write a few words here and about to rush out the door again to attend the SinC breakfast.

Saturday morning, will be on panel on "law, justice, and society" in the mystery. Looking forward to that -- great fellow panelists, and Sara Paretsky will be our moderator.


Irene Bennett Brown said...

Thanks for the Bouchercon recap! Say hi to my friend Charlotte H. if you see her again. Wish I could be there...

Rick Blechta said...

I am very, very envious!

---Stuck in Toronto

Frankie Y. Bailey said...

Having fun, but you know how tiring conferences can be. Lots to do and not enough sleep.

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