Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chasing Time

A week ago, I made a decision that I had been mulling over for months, one that several writer friends urged me to make. I decided it was time to end my partnership with my agent.

As you well know, an agent is required to submit to major houses. So I’m spending a lot of my spare time researching other representatives in hopes of entering into a new author-agent partnership. Although certainly necessary, this task cuts into my writing time.

There is a saying "money is freedom." Perhaps no one grasps this statement better than writers; a realization I came to years ago: most writers want money because it buys time—time to write. The vast majority of working fiction writers hold day jobs. Throw in family, work presentations, Little League, birthday parties and we end up scrounging for a couple hours of writing time a day.

So looking for an agent, or promoting one's books, (or, yes, even writing blogs) cuts into what should be my writing priority—time spent writing fiction. So, to quote Hemingway, I have said too much already.

I’m going back to my book.


Donis Casey said...

Good luck

H. L. Banks said...

Not an easy task but a necessary one. Good luck.