Thursday, January 05, 2012

Kindle Discussion Groups

This past week, I went looking for an answer to a simple academic question (which many Type M readers might be able to help me with as well; if so, please pipe in): Can anyone offer names of female police procedural authors?

I was searching for writers to add to my mystery literature course, and I was amazed at how many helpful and insightful the responses I received from the Kindle Mystery Forum. Some authors I had read and enjoyed, but many, many I have not. This information was helpful and much appreciated.

And a little unexpected.

Not that I doubt the knowledge of Kindle users. In fact, as a huge fan of my Kindle app and as a cheapskate who starts most days with a quick skim of the “daily Kindle deals,” I have long professed on this blog that I think the e-book is the future, that the print book may well go the way of collector-item status. But I’d never before thought of my Kindle in terms of its community of users. I’ve always thought of my Kindle as the device on which I can read and spend money. What I did not know, however, was how many well-read people are joining those groups. (My cyber world view has been limited to the glorious-but-narrow scope of our beloved Type M for Murder blog and its much-appreciated readership.)

Like my mother always told me, There’s a whole world out there. I just never knew she was talking about a not-so-distant cyber galaxy.


Rick Blechta said...

I don’t know if the author would completely concur that the books are police procedurals, but I can suggest our own Vicki Delany’s Molly Smith series.

Eve Kotyk said...

Yes, Vicki Delany, and Anne Cleeves, P.D. James, kinda sorta, Tess Gerritsen.

Donis Casey said...

Elizabeth Gunn's Officer Sarah Burke series, starting with "Cool in Tucson".

John R Corrigan said...

Those are all great. Thanks.

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