Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Beautiful bookstores

This post may appear to be a cop-out of the same order as my blog post last week, but it’s not. Honest!

I was sent the following link by a fellow book lover and I spent a lot of time looking at each photo and thinking, “I really want to visit these. One is in Rome and I was in Rome last summer. Had I known, my wife and I would have visited in a heartbeat.

So, fellow book lovers, click on the link below and be prepared to see some jaw-dropping bookstores – most in Europe. Then I have something to ask of you all: let us know (by leaving a comment) which is your favourite from among these beauties. Or do you have a favourite that’s not included on this list? One that’s mentioned in the comments after all the photos is the Chapters Bookstore in an old theatre in Toronto’s west end. I’ve signed (and bought) books there, and believe me, it’s a lovely space. And way back, when it was in its original incarnation, we went to see movies there.

So get out a handkerchief to catch the drool, because you will drool.



dissertation said...
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Rick Blechta said...

The comment above was deleted because it was sent by a spammer. All such comments will be deleted immediately, so please, if you’re one of those sorts of people, please go elsewhere!

All other comments are most welcome!

NL Gassert said...

Love, love, love those reading nooks in Beijing. But my favorite has to be Cook & Book. How do I get my book on that ceiling? Is it considered an end display? :-)


Rick Blechta said...

I'd like to know how you get one down to look at and perhaps buy.


My favourite has to be the first one in the former Dominican church. If you click on the name of the bookstore underneath the photos, it will take you to a site where there are more photos. It is one amazing retail space.