Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Not much to say this week. I'm at Philips Exeter Academy Summer School, teaching English for non-native speakers--and making final edits on a manuscript.

Two weeks ago, after selling a novel myself, I queried 25 agents regarding a different book, one that I think could be a series. Within three days, seven had requested to read it, and on Monday, I was offered representation by Julia Lord.

Julia is enthusiastic, raring to go, and smart as hell--she stumped me during our initial conversation.

"I have one question about the manuscript," she said.

It was a good one, one I needed to deal with, so since Monday I have spent nearly 24 hours at my computer going through the novel one more time. (How many times do writers say that?)

The novel is done, Julia has it, and I'm off to bed--with my fingers crossed!


Hannah Dennison said...

Congratulations John! This is fantastic news!!!!

Rick Blechta said...