Friday, October 05, 2012

Lucky Breaks

We so often talk about what goes wrong in writing, that it's easy to overlook all the lucky breaks in our lives.

I'm attending the Western History Association meeting in Denver this weekend. I'm on a panel that will talk about the Harlem Renaissance in the West.

I'm an accidental academic. My interest in 19th century African Americans came through research on a novel. I thought there were stories there. I wanted to develop some of my ideas through non-fiction. I was very fortunate in that a lot of doors opened for me.

That's a funny thing about writing when we take the first step. People show up just at the right time to give us information for our mysteries. Research falls into place. We work plots out in our sleep. Ah-ha moments come during a walk. The trick is to keep working and trust that a lucky break is just around the corner.

So many of my Type M blogmates are going to Bouchercon. It sounds like a wonderful conference. I can't be two places at once.

I had a lucky break today at the conference and was asked to write an article about the problems blacks raised in the west encountered when they moved to the east coast.

My idea of the best lucky break would be if I don't having overlapping conferences next year.

Have fun everyone!

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