Thursday, October 18, 2012

Musings From a Scattered Week

A lot going on this week, but all of it seems disjointed.

Tuesday, I ran a short-story-writing workshop in my daughter's sixth-grade class. It was the culmination of my visit two weeks earlier when I helped each student create a character sketch and write a compelling opening line. They went home and drafted a story. This week, I returned with five high school students from my creative writing workshop, and we helped the students revise. My daughter's teacher will take it from here, and they are to produce a literary journal with all the stories in it. I can't wait for my copy!

On the publishing front, several blurbs for my 2013 novel This One Day have rolled in, which is exciting and makes it feel like having the hardcover in my hands is actually inevitable.

The rest of the week has been spent working on deadline. I've been up early to work a couple hours before school and staying up late to work an hour or so before bed (candle at both ends, so to speak).

I attended a round-robin poetry reading Tuesday. The format consisted of four poets sitting in a row, each reading a poem that related to (or attempted to relate to) the previous poet's poem. Very interesting. Very funny. How neat would that be to do with fiction writers, especially crime writers. Read a scene and have someone follow it with a scene of their own. Anyone ever hear of such a thing?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I have. I wrote a scene -the first in a would-be book - in which the main character stumbles over a dead body. I sent it to my twin sister with whom I was writing this would-be book and she promptly brought my corpse back to life! We needed to talk, my sister & I....