Friday, April 19, 2013


Everything I own detracts from writing time. There’s the time spent shopping for the item to begin with. Then a number possessions need to be winterized, color-coordinated, insured, registered, rust-proofed, synced, tuned, repainted, stored, or protected from breakage. Added to the mix now are surveys asking me to evaluate every purchase from an ice cream cone to a light bulb. Then comes the request to “like” their Facebook page and tweet about the purchasing experience. It’s enough to discourage the most avid shopper.
This month I seriously upgraded aging technology. I have a new Windows 8 desktop computer and a Surface Pro. I love both systems. The Surface Pro is everything I hoped it would be. A small computer with all the Windows applications. It syncs with my Desktop through Sky Drive. Through the miracle of the internet I can pick up right where I left off in my latest manuscript no matter where I am.

If a place has internet capability that is. I forgot about that.

I had forgotten a number of other things. Not everything works. Something was wrong with the Bluetooth speakers. Thinking about number of phone calls involved before I got a return label gives me a headache.
Basically, though, it was money well spent. I started writing when my kids were little and can write about anywhere. The family made a wild dash back to Kansas last weekend. As I am an early riser, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to slip down to the hotel lobby and work in peace while they slept.
I can't imagine the agony of trying to do extensive revisions on an old manual typewriter. Composite files are heavenly. What did we ever do without global searches to straighten out screw-ups?
But I missed posting on the Poisoned Pen Press blog for the first time because I didn't have the good sense to write and schedule my post ahead of time. I missed posting on Type M too. Part of the problem was that I was messing with technology instead of thinking about commitments. Thinking takes time. Writing takes time. Making stuff work is a real time drain.
Nevertheless, despite the fact that my new systems are better and faster, I'm saying goodbye to buying. I simply don't have the time for much more improvement.


Toe Hallock said...

Whoops! For a moment there my brain convinced me you wrote "I'm saying goodbye to writing." Luckily, since I no longer completely trust that convoluted matter between my ears, I double checked what I thought I had just read. Whew! Ain't technology fun? Yours truly, Toe.

Charlotte Hinger said...

Toe, yes--why do I forget what all is involved in switching computers. It wouldn't recognize my camera, then I remembered that I had to reinstall software. That sort of things.

Some good news, so far I'm not having problems with stuff not being compatible with Windows 8

synge lucia said...

Whoops! For any second presently there my personal mind persuaded me personally a person authored "I'm stating farewell in order to composing. inch Fortunately, since i have no more totally believe in which convoluted issue in between my personal ear, We dual examined exactly what We believed I'd simply study. Whew! Isn't technologies enjoyable?

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